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The Wind Turbines at Ellsworth

The Twin Groves Wind Farm project began construction in July, 2006.  The turbines are located along the crests and slopes of the Bloomington Moraine in Eastern McLean County.  The present photos were taken on November 12, 2006 in the area bounded by Moraine View State Park and 3300 East, and between about 800 and 1100 North.  Eight turbines had been completed with numerous others in various stages of construction.  To reach the area, exit I74 at LeRoy and drive North, or drive East from Bloomington.  For more information about the Bloomington Moraine and other glacial features of Illinois, visit the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS).  For other photos of this general area, visit my Source of the Sangamon River web page.

Since taking these photos I have revisited the area many times, most recently on March 16, 2008.  There are now several hundred working turbines in the region, and the project appears to be complete.  The area bounded by the turbines is 16 miles (E-W) x 6 miles (N-S).  If you visit this area, take time to visit the highest spot in McLean County.  It is several miles North of Saybrook about a mile West of the highway.  It is a small hill just West of a communications tower.  The view from there is worth the trip!

Map of Eastern McLean County.  The photos were taken in the area of the blue circle.

Click for ISGS surface relief map of McLean County

Locate the Sangamon River just South of the orange dot.  The river flows East from its source, then dog legs to the South and then East again.  The ridge just south of the dog leg is where present turbine construction is happening.

A view up the Southern slope of the Bloomington Moraine, along road 2600 E North of LeRoy.  The present turbines are several miles East of here.

Finished turbines from several miles away, East of LeRoy on 400 N looking NE.

A flock of turkeys climbing a hillside, just South of Moraine View State Park.

Each tower is transported to the site in three pieces.

The car next to these turbine blades shows their size.

So flexible are these blades, I easily got one wagging back and forth by moving the tip with one arm.