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Lower Sangamon & South of Pittsfield

The following are just a few road scenes from along the Lower Sangamon River to Beardstown, South to the Golden Eagle Ferry via Pittsfield, then North along the East bank of the Illinois River to interstate 72.  The trip lasted about 7 hours with lots of exploring and a meal stop at the Golden Eagle Ferry landing, the southern-most point of the trip.  There are many more good roads in these areas.  The date was April 22, 2006.

Springfield to Beardstown along the Sangamon

Spotted at the gas station at Hwy 29 & W. Andrew Road (N. of Springfield), where my trip began.  The custom motorcycle was built by its rider, Bill Fettis of "Hillbilly Technologies", Email wmfettis@dtnspeed.net

Harris Road, West of Athens.

Cantrall Road, West of Athens.

870E, just accross the river from Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site.

The New Salem Saw & Grist Mill, which drew its power from the Sangamon.  View from the Athens Black Top bridge.

State Hwy 103 as it climbs the West slope of the Illinois River valley, opposite Beardstown.  There are lots of good roads along the river between here and Pittsfield, but I did not explore them on this trip.

South of Pittsfield to Golden Eagle Ferry

Illinois Hwy 96, the Mississippi River Road, South of Pleasant Hill looking South.  Fork South and stay on the small roads after Hwy 96 turns East.

Two small tugs beached in Hamburg.  They've been at this spot for years.
Typical road scenes on the way to Batchtown.  There are lots of good roads between the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers along here.  The area reminds me of southwest Wisconsin.

The Golden Eagle Ferry crossing the Mississippi, bound for its landing North of St. Charles, MO.

The ferry using the current to align itself and then unloading at the Kinder's Pub landing.

Looks like a birdhouse, but I'm taking a wild guess that its a landing light.

There were lots of flowering trees in bloom in this trip.

Along Lower Illinois River - East Bank

I crossed the Illinois River to the East bank at the Dunford Ferry and headed North along Hwy 100.  Somewhere along the way I started weaving in and out of the valley on tiny roads.  I got lost but enjoyed it.

One of the toys I use for trips like this, a Honda S2000.

Sometimes, when exploring small roads you have to drive on gravel.

At last...found my way out of the gravel.

Hey! Cow!