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At the edge of Space: the X-15 flight program , Milton O. Thompson

The evolution of civilizations , Carroll Quigley


On the wrong side: my life in the KGB , Stanislav Levchenko

The bald eagle: haunts and habits of a wilderness monarch , Jon M. Gerrard , Gary R. Bortolotti

Empire of the summer Moon , S.C. Gwynne

Epistemological problems of economics , Ludwig von Mises

Things fall apart , Chinua Achebe

The wonderful wizard of Oz , L. Frank Baum , W.W. Denslow

Tarzan of the apes , Edgar Rice Burroughs

History of a voyage to the land of Brazil , Jean de Léry , Janet Whatley

Jackie Cochran: an autobiography , Jacqueline Cochran , Maryann Bucknum Brinley

The adventures of Robinson Crusoe , Daniel Defoe

The prince and the pauper , Mark Twain

The tempting of America: the political seduction of the law, Robert H. Bork

Offenhauser: the legendary racing engine and the men who built it , Gordon Eliot White

Nixon off the record: his candid commentary on people and politics , Monica Crowley

No longer at ease , Chinua Achebe

A short history of the steam engine , Henry Winram Dickinson

Jim White's story of Carlsbad Caverns , Jim White

China: alive in the bitter sea , Fox Butterfield

Natural history: a selection , Gaius Plinius Secundus (Pliny the Elder) , John F. Healy

Dracula , Bram Stoker

All in a drop: how Antony van Leeuwenhoek discovered an invisible world , Lori Alexander

Utopia in power: the history of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the present , Mikhail Heller , Aleksandr M. Nekrich

The American fur trade of the far West: volume I , Hiram M. Chittenden , Univ. Nebraska Press , Bison Printing

The American fur trade of the far West: volume II , Hiram M. Chittenden , Univ. Nebraska press , Bison Printing

The story of Geronimo , Jim Kjelgaard

Jason and the golden fleece: John Gunther

Shogun, James Clavell

The informant , Kurt Eichenwald

The making of a surgeon , William A. Nolen

Eater's digest: the consumer's fact-book of food additives , Michael F. Jacobson

Dune , Frank Herbert

Conan the warrior , Robert E. Howard

Stresemann and the rearmament of Germany , Hans W. Gatzke

The geology of the parks, monuments, and wildlands of Southern Utah , Robert Fillmore

James J. Hill and the opening of the Northwest , Albro Martin

The magic of minerals , Olaf Medenbach , Harry Wilk

Foundation (trilogy) , Isaac Asimov

The lord of the rings (trilogy) , J.R.R. Tolkien

The hobbit , J.R.R. Tolkien

Ringworld , Larry Niven

The mote in god's eye , Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle

My shadow ran fast , Bill Sands

A history of economic thought , Overton Taylor

The mighty Eighth: the air war in Europe as told by the men who fought it , Gerald Astor

A journal of the plague year , Daniel Defoe

Moby Dick , Herman Melville

The limits to growth , Club of Rome

Built to last: successful habits of visionary companies , Jim Collins, Jerry I Porras

One thing leads to another: the growth of an industry , Fred C Kelly

Martinus Willem Beijerinck: his life and his work , Gerrit van Iterson

Underground government: the off-budget public sector , James T Bennett, Thomas J DiLorenzo

Water crisis: ending the policy drought , Terry Anderson

Technology in the ancient world , Henry Hodges

The bureaucratization of the world , Bruno Rizzi

Bureaucracy , Ludwig Von Mises

Torture through the ages , Bernhardt Hurwood

Do it!: scenarios of the revolution , Jerry Rubin

Extraordinary delusions and the madness of crowds , Charles Mackay

Aesop's fables , Aesop

The five chinese brothers , Claire Huchet Bishop , Kurt Wiese

Money and man: a survey of monetary experience , Elgin Groseclose

The richest man in babylon , George Clason

Priciples of economics , Carl Menger

Frankenstein , Mary Shelly

The road to serfdom , Fredrich Hayek

The suicide of the West , James Burnham

Dictatorships and double standards , Jeanne Kirkpatrick

The writer's art , James Kilpatrick

Fire-hunter , Jim Kjelgaard

The salvager: the life of captain Tom Reid on the great lakes , Mary Frances Doner

Big fleas have little fleas , Robert Hegner

The world according to Garp , John Irving

KGB: the secret work of Soviet secret agents , John Barron

The great deformation: the corruption of capitalism in America , David Stockman

The Victory motorcycle , Michael Dapper , Lee Klancher

The red badge of courage , Stephen Crane

Life and death in Shanghai , Nien Cheng

One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich , Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

A conflict of visions , Thomas Sowell

The raft , Robert Trumbull